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Helping your brand flex it's social muscle to increase visibility, a loyal fan base, lead conversions and business growth.


Social Media Management & Monitoring

We take over all aspects of your brand’s online presence, from creating and posting content to monitoring and tracking performance analytics. We manage your social media accounts in real-time so that we can monitor and remove SPAM and reply to customer comments promptly and efficiently. Our proprietary performance-tracking dashboard allows us, and you, to measure key analytics and ensure that your social media communities continue to grow.

Social Media Advertising

To gain relevant followers and customers for your brand, we create and implement hyper-targeted social media advertising campaigns. We customize Facebook and LinkedIn ads to target specific geographic and demographic categories that make sense for your business and its objectives. By seeking out quality local users, your brand’s online followers have the potential to become in-person customers and consumers.

Social Media Contests & Promotions

Contests and promotions hosted on your brand’s social media accounts give fans incentives to become followers and customers. Photo & video contests encourage users to engage with your brand’s social media accounts while requiring minimal overhead on your end. Tracked coupons and exclusive discounts invite online fans to become real-life consumers, driving foot traffic and sales for your brand and stores.

Social Media Graphic Design

Customized social media graphics maintain consistency across all of your business’s social media accounts and increase brand exposure. From Facebook cover photos and Twitter backgrounds to blog headers and LinkedIn banners, FanPilot’s custom graphics relay your business’s professionalism and attention to detail to new fans. Cohesive logos and images can positively influence how users view your brand and create intuitive links between certain phrases or pictures and your business.

Customer Review Management

To encourage customers to continue engaging with your business and to maintain its online reputation, we monitor and optimize your brand’s web presence in real-time. Through social listing optimization, we ensure top social review sites, from Yelp to Foursquare, correctly list your business and its information. We also track customer reviews through real-time alert systems that allow us to recognize and thank positive reviews and mediate negative comments using a standardized response process.


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