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Looking for Fresh Topics for your Blog?

Here are some ideas:



Read your competitors

 The next time you are drawing a blank with your next blog topic, surf the Internet for what others in your niche are writing about. It does not mean you are stealing ideas from others, but use the topics to develop an idea and get inspired.

Get a critique

Any writer can find criticisms to be the building blocks of a good blog. Have a mentor to teach you the ropes, and learn from them as they point out what makes your blog good or bad.

 Do an interview

A simple and quick Q&A will bring some new ideas to the table worth tacking on. Take note not only of the answers , but also the questions that you want to ask, because it may be in itself a great topic to write about.

 Have a deliberation 

Sometimes conflict can bring about new topics you can write about. It is good to have someone who is strong with their opinions and will argue with you over it.

Make use of a popular post

Capitalize on an established blogger’s thoughts by posting your reaction to their latest blog topic. You will not only have something to write about, but also attract some traffic to your own blog.

Read comments

Reply to those comments directed to you. Whenever you can, look at other blog's comments and see what other readers have to say. Write down their views and questions.

Have a guest blogger

Sometimes, having someone write a post for you takes the pressure off and gives you time to recuperate from all the thought-process you’ve been doing. A different perspective is also refreshing.

 Ask for ideas

Let your online social connections do the work for you. Ask for ideas on facebook, twitter, and so on; most likely, a lot of people will oblige.


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